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Elderly coupleWe can offer you a regular short break from your caring responsibilities. Our friendly fully trained Carer Support Workers provide 24/7 support and can assist with a range of personal and specialised care tasks according to your individual needs.

Experience and dedication mean that they have a good understanding of the needs of Carers and those they care for, building long trusting relationships with the families they work with.

A few hours break each week can make such a difference!

In an emergency situation, we can provide short term crisis support for Carers. We can help you with your palliative care and end of life support.

If you are caring for someone with mild to moderate dementia, they may be interested in joining one of our Cogs clubs based on Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). Cogs clubs may be able to help people experiencing problems with memory. These clubs aim to encourage members to participate in purposeful activity in order to develop or maintain active minds. Their time at Cogs provides you, the Carer, with a valuable break.

In Maidstone we run special clubs to support Young Carers, as young as five, until their caring role ends or they become adults when we help them move onto other services. Our Young Carers clubs are free and enable children to have fun through activities ranging from art to sporting pursuits, trips to the theatre and participating in other local and national cultural events. We also provide workshops on building resilience and preparing for employment.

Young Carers tell us that after attending our clubs they no longer feel sad, angry or ashamed, thanks to our Project Manager and support staff that love their work and understand what Carers need and feel.

'I get out more and I now understand there are other Young Carers like me so I don’t feel so alone'
Sarah aged 15.


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